SEO is the way through which we will go to the future

Coming home to my computer was the best thing or the best part of my day and was always in dreams of this time and then if we the bunch went out to eat at some place then that was extra and the dream of my computer could’ve waited and that was just wait for a bit and not discarded altogether and I think it was the best relationship of man and a machine. In my machine I created the fantasy world that was for me and I saw the retaliation of the dreams that I have for my life and I was going in the direction where I was getting the idea that there is nothing in this world that cannot be owned and I was after my goal and the dreams that I had always. I was dreaming and making it real in the virtual world and my virtual world got richer and richer and it attracted bees.

My virtual world was the world of my website and there I always tried to imagine the life I was supposed to have and I made that fantasy life a reality with animation in the blog and I was creating false worlds there but that was making me happy and I was okay with it. The website got richer and richer and I was having the best time of my life and I was trying to get the spirit where there were not everything that was fantasy because it was my fantasy and my fantasy follows the physics of the universe and that cannot go disarray and I know for a fact that all the fantasy within physics can be attained and I will surely make that happen and I will go forward.

The website grew and I was seeing a lot of people coming and going through the website and the website became something that I did for myself before but is not mine anymore because there are too many others who need to be seen through and I think there might also be a lot of things to take care here and I think I should now think of the people while I got it good in here. The great thing about it is that I always get to see the fantasies of other people and learn something and I always do that and I think that is the way people learn and people always learn from others. But the readership was dwindling and it didn’t increase beyond the people who bookmarked the website or think fully follows it and I had to do something to get people in here and I consulted with 1st Page for that and it was green again.

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